Expected Benefits

  1. Understanding will be gained on whether Muslims and Christians on the island share common/different folk piety, mentality, economic interests, “psychological stereotypes” and life style based on unifying cultural patterns.
  2. Common heritage, mosques which had been churches before the advent of Islam will provide evidence of common interests in history. Besides, it will be documented where and how the two cultures come together.
  3. Turkish Cypriot intellectuals will be able in cooperation with Greek Cypriot intellectuals to open a public critical discourse on problems existing between the two communities. This will contribute to mutual understanding.
  4. The AIDS of hostility will be refuted by cultural, historical and other arguments which will prove that Turks and Greeks have been real friends and that they have all the necessary background to convince the international community that war will not be even a next choice.
  5. Problems faced by Cypriot women will be studied and solutions will be suggested to the Government, the European Union and the United Nations.