One of the main tasks of the Historians

  1. To provide information on the importance of examining the past without repeating past mistakes and of course not before realising that decisions are made according to peoples’ historical and psychological background.
  2. Let us now come to the problem:
    Our time is characterised by nationalistic polarisation which prevents peaceful coexistence or respect of differences. Religious differences often prevent a peaceful coexistence. Minority problems, self-determination of groups belonging to the same country, disrespectful treatment of these groups by governments cause usually a special form of disease, the AIDS of hostility among people who normally should be friends.
  3. The problem of structuring heterogeneous societies in a country cannot be solved without insightful historical understanding.
  4. The question of the national security cannot be separated from the issue of human security.
  5. This is the challenge for a creative new form of coexistence in countries with heterogeneous populations, with different values, national, ethnic, linguistic, religious or racial backgrounds.