Historical Thinking can help!

  1. First of all, understanding history here means speaking and acknowledging about former mistakes publicly, so as to give people a different view of the events and of their role in these mistakes.
  2. New initiatives are normally not welcomed by the majority. Once something starts wrongly, it continues the wrong way.
  3. Historical Thinking means to educate politicians, reporters, teachers, philosophers et al. in order to avoid the wrong behaviour of the past and create the future basis for mutual understanding of different nations in a macrocosm and among individuals in a microcosm.
  4. Peace is embedded in history, since children at school usually learn about wars, their own national victories, and ignore long periods of peaceful coexistence.
  5. Furthermore, a lot of things which could be an obstacle to the peace process may have characteristics which may also contribute to peace. For instance, religious difference. A careful examination of groups belonging to different religions or sects shows that these usually have common folk piety, common mentality, common economic interests, common “stereotypes” and common life style based on patterns of uniting the minorities’ special features.